Does your young child struggle with paying attention to tasks, experience delays in speech, not connect with others, or have delays in cognitive skills?

Music therapy can address and meet the cognitive, pre-academic, motor, social, and emotional development and health of your young child. We focus on the growth of your whole child.

Why does music therapy work with young children?

  • Music therapy is used a tool for capturing attention so that your little one can listen and attend to the task at hand.
  • Music therapy creates togetherness so that your little one creates connections with others around him/her.
  • Music therapy can be applied as a tool for communication and speech skills.
  • Music therapy is based in rhythm, which helps your child improve motor movement and coordination.

Music therapy often reaches individuals in a way that traditional therapies do not.

How can we help you?

Individual or group music therapy sessions are available in your home, in your early childhood setting, and/or in a community-based setting. We provide services in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.

At the beginning of therapeutic treatment, our board-certified music therapists perform a music therapy assessment for the individual or group. The therapist evaluates the responses, strengths, and needs of the individual or group.

After the assessment is completed, treatment begins with a schedule that works for the client, caregiver/staff, and therapist.

What people are saying about music therapy at GSMT?

“As soon as our daughter, Lexi, hears Elizabeth’s voice, she whips her head to attention. Elizabeth’s music therapy provides a motivation for her that she doesn’t get through any other type of therapy. It’s a joy to see Lexi’s love for music and at the same time working towards difficult goals. Elizabeth’s professionalism, kindness, and love for her work shines through and I hope my daughter is able to continue therapy sessions with her for a long time!” ~ Audrey, Mom of Lexi

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Dr. Clive Robbins

"Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child's potential for development."

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