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Does your loved one struggle with connecting with others, experience decline in motor movement and coordination, or have troubles with memory loss?

Music therapy can address and meet the social, emotional, motor, and cognitive well-being of your loved one.


Why does music therapy work with older adults? 

  • Music therapy is used as a tool for togetherness and communication so that your loved one creates connections with others around him/her.
  • Music therapy is based in rhythm, which helps your loved one improve fine and gross motor movement and coordination.
  • Music therapy utilizes preferred musical styles, so that your loved one can tap into the memories that are contained within the music.


Music therapy often reaches individuals in a way that traditional therapies do not.


How can we help you?

Individual or group music therapy sessions that are available in your home, in your facility, or in a community-based setting. We provide services in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.

At the beginning of therapeutic treatment, our board-certified music therapists perform a music therapy assessment for the individual or group. The therapist evaluates the responses, strengths, and needs of the individual or group.

After the assessment is completed, treatment begins with a schedule that works for the client, caregiver, staff, and therapist.

What people are saying about music therapy at GSMT?

We have been very pleased with Granite State Music Therapy’s services at That Place You Know, LLC. (Our therapist) Tori has been very attentive and engaging with each and every client. The music that is selected is very relevant to the group and her passion for music shines through when performing for our TPYK clients. Thank you for such a wonderful program! ~ Krissi, That Place You Know, LLC


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"Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It acts as medicine."